Strengthening our community for a healthy future

Our Story 

Our regional community of Tamworth is home to some of the worst health statistics in Australia.  In early 2017, we set out to develop an alternative blueprint model to develop strength and confidence in young Australians and provide a genuine antidote to the current health crisis. 

It started with creating an environment that is both extremely physically and mentally challenging - scalable and inclusive.  The recreational rock climbing discipline of Bouldering provides the core activity and we established the Ten4 Boulder League as the sporting framework to form community cohesion.  

The physical results speak for themselves and they're often profound.  However, it's the sum of all parts that produces this unique chemistry and the Ten4 League has already grown to be the largest Bouldering competition in Australia.  This environment simply produces healthy outcomes which ultimately ripples out into the wider community.  Our NFP arm is Ten4 Australia Incorporated and its primary objective is to support marginalised youth.

If you enjoy problem solving and need to build physical strength and confidence, we're doing our utmost to empower you to be the best version of yourself regardless of age, gender or nationality.  Ten4 is a movement of change and this is our contribution towards changing culture and a healthier tomorrow. 

Bindi & Chris


"It takes a village to raise a child"  African proverb

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