Membership Rules & Code of Conduct

Members are expected to behave ethically by upholding the Ten4 values and respect for human dignity, inclusion, and providing a supportive environment 

  • The activity of Bouldering as specified in the induction video is to be adhered to at all times.

  • Respect one another.

  • Sport times priority over recreation. 

  • Safe landing zones are not to be used for any other reason or purpose other than safety for Bouldering.

  • Climbing shoes must always be worn whilst Bouldering. No other shoes are allowed for Bouldering.

  • Bare feet are not allowed in any zone and shirts must be worn always.  Refer to Covid Safe Policy.

  • Climbing shoes are not to be worn in Training Zone 2.

  • Antibacterial Liquid Chalk only and MANDATORY -  Chalk bags, buckets or balls are not permissible with the only exception being personal training on the fingerboard training systems in zone 2 or used by staff for the purpose of route setting..  

  • Any cuts or abrasions must always be cleaned and covered up immediately. 

  • Any injury must be reported to Ten4 immediately and where appropriate to do so.

  • Training equipment must be used for training purposes only.

  • Certain training equipment will require an induction prior to use and predominantly integrate into a specific training program.  For example: Fingerboard training stations, kettlebells and weightlifting equipment require an induction.

  • Zone 2 (Training area) is not accessible for youth under 16 yrs.  The only exception to this rule is for those youth engaging in a Ten4 approved specific training program or under approval from Ten4 staff.  The youth member must always be under direct parental supervision and is only allowed in the zone to undertake the program and for no other reason. Youth must be inducted by a Ten4 staff member to use any specific training equipment.

  • Music: Volume during business hours must be kept at a reasonable level (< 55Db).  Ten4 play-lists only on Spotify (no inappropriate language).

  • Please notify Ten4 staff if anything needs immediate attention either in person or electronic message.  This includes any anti-social behavior and non-tangible issues.

  • All educational and gym equipment within the walls of Ten4 must not leave the premises.

  • Clothing must be clean (ie. no dirty work clothes)

  • There must be a minimum of two people inside the facility at any one time.

  • Safety mats are not to be moved / relocated in any way.

Membership Terms and Conditions

 This document works in conjunction with the current Ten4 Bouldering Access Protocol and Covid Safe Policy.

  • To respect and abide by the rules of Ten4 Bouldering and behave in an orderly manner at all times and not engage in conduct that could cause harm, create a hazard or nuisance or create an unsafe environment to oneself or others at Ten4.          

  • All adult Members are required to have a personalised access toggle (PAT).  All details as per Access Control Protocol. 

  • Each time you use the Facilities and Services, you must ensure you are in good physical condition and know of no medical or other reason why you should not exercise. If unsure, you should not use the Facilities and Services until you have sought appropriate medical guidance and been given the go-ahead.

  • You must not use the Facilities and Services if you are suffering from any illness, disease, injury or other condition that could be a risk to your health or safety or that of other Members and others. 

  • Ten4 reserves the right to suspend or terminate the membership of any member engaging in unacceptable behaviour or failure to abide by the rules.  If you break any of the Ten4 Rules we will respond in a way we consider fair and appropriate. For example, in less serious cases, we may give you a warning but in serious cases or where you have repeatedly broken Rules we may suspend or cancel your Membership. If your breach causes us or another person costs, loss or damages, you agree to pay for these.         

  • It is not the obligation of Ten4 to look after unattended property.

  • For security purposes, Ten4 uses video surveillance equipment to monitor the premises.

  • Ten4 reserves the right to make changes where needed and applicable without consultation to members.  However, the agreement upon which terms you agree to will be honoured for a full-term duration.

  • You acknowledge that engaging in any commercial or business activities in Ten4, such as offering training services or selling goods is prohibited unless we grant you written permission to do so.  If we do give you written permission, we can revoke this at any time.

  • PRIVACY:  Your personal information will not be disclosed whatsoever ever.  We use an independent payment processor so no credit card or financial information is ever kept on file. 

  • Membership Changes:  Renewal or suspension of memberships may be managed online or in person at any stage. 

  • Once a youth member turns 18 yrs of age they convert to an adult and as such are treated accordingly.  This will reflect in the membership status.

          Facility Closures:

o    We may need to close some of our gym zones for a short period of time, for example, due to an emergency, or when major route re-setting occurs.  The gym floor will remain open but some Bouldering zones may be taken out of action at the discretion of Ten4.   We will endeavor to do our best to keep this time to a minimum.

o    In the event there is a forced closure (such as Covid-19) then Memberships are frozen and a time credit will be applied once the facility is re-opened. 


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