Rules & Explanations

Season and Foundation Rules

* Four seasons per year (Week 1 of the school term is round 1 of each season).

* 9 regular weekly rounds per season.

* Each round runs for 60 mins.

* Minor premiership team positions are determined at the end of round 9. 

* Finals are held on the Friday afternoon / evening of Round 9 for Championship teams. 

* Handicap competition winners are determined each round and the overall winner at the end of round 9. 

* Scores are live online 

* Ladders are updated on Mondays each week.

* Round 10 is a social round.

* Championship - Uses raw scores from team players.

* Handicap - Scores are correlated to the individual grade handicap of each player, rewarding consistency and growth regardless of grade. 

* Teams compete for the Cup and the Plate in both Opens Championship and HS Championship divisions.  

* The top four teams compete on the night for the Cup and the next four teams compete for the Plate based on round 9 placings. 

* Finals comprise of two 35 min halves with a 10 min break. 

* There is no Finals for the Primary competition with scores at the end of round 9 determining the season winner. 

Teams and Player Rules

* All teams comprise of 3-6 players.

* Youth must score during their allocated team time slot. 

* Opens may score at the nominated time or anytime.  Anytime scoring means that players themselves must hold themselves to one hour duration. 

* Players may join a team at any stage during the regular season however, players must have completed at least 5 rounds to be eligible for Finals. 

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