This Policy works in conjunction with the Ten4 Terms and Conditions and Covid Safe Policy 2022 and is subject to change at the discretion of Ten4 Bouldering.

Personalised Access Toggles (PAT) provides legal access to our facility and it is the responsibility of Ten4 Bouldering Members to adhere to this protocol at all times. 

  • ALL Adult Members must sign-in by swiping the PAT on the card reader at the front door upon entry of every visit.

  • Youth Members do not require a PAT.  The front door will be open for sport and youth training times.

  • GOLD LEVEL MEMBERS ONLY may provide facility access for guests where the following must apply:

    • 18 yrs + only

    • Guest must be an active participant (NO non-participating spectators unless organised with a Ten4 staff member)

    • Members must accompany your guest(s) at all times and ensure the Ten4 Rules and Protocols are adhered to at all times.

    • Upon entering the facility, members must immediately accompany guests to the front desk and ensure;

      • Guest is Signed in

      • Payment is made

      • Waiver completed and Induction video watched. 

  • No other Membership level may provide facility access (including Casual Members)

  • Ensure all access doors are closed outside staffed hours (including amenities access door)

  • Notification must be provided to Ten4 immediately in the event that your toggle is either lost or stolen and a replacement toggle will be issued. 

  • Ten4 adopts a zero tolerance approach to breaches of this protocol.  Memberships may be suspended or cancelled at the discretion of Ten4 staff and any serious breach may involve legal implications.

  • Ensure facility access is secure at all times (ie. no doors open) 

  • Last to leave must ensure the BigAss fan is off and both front and rear access doors are closed.


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